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British eyewear brands CLAIRE GOLDSMITH & OLIVER GOLDSMITH SUNGLASSES and Danish eyewear brand ØRGREEN OPTICS have designed a new partnership paradigm. The two luxury eyewear brands from the opposite ends of history have forged an unlikely but welcomed alliance.


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Today’s musical frame is Geno. Inspired by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Listen here:

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THEO By Tim Van Steenbergen – Limited Edition

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When Tim Van Steenbergen designed his latest collection of sunglasses for THEO, he went back to his younger days. Days that were filled with big guitar sounds. Tim took inspiration from the sublime Fenders played by his musical heroes and together with THEO designer Serge Bracké, came up with six intense models. The fact that the collection was a genuine collaboration with theo is clearly in evidence in the colours.  THEO big boss Wim Somers chose a palette of ‘shadow colors’, such as white, grey, black and dark blue, and dubbed them the ‘Shadows’, after his personal guitar heroes.

The advent of grunge took many a teenager by storm, and it was no different for Tim. You could have heroes again, guitar heroes, and what could possibly appeal more to the imagination of a creative, growing teen. But grunge was so much more than a musical genre. It became a true movement, which even found its way onto the catwalk. Tim wouldn’t be Tim if he didn’t offer his own utterly original interpretation of the trend, focusing on the guitars themselves. He was fascinated by the elegant shapes and the different materials used.



The shapes of these sunglasses are offbeat, but the Shadows have plenty of glamour. They are big, dark and distinctive. Tim carefully studied various types of guitars. Each is made up of different shapes and lines, which he has captured in 6 highly diverse frames, with flaring on the temples in a different colour for example – a reference to Fender – or ‘superimposing’ different materials, like on a Les Paulguitar. The detail in the ear tip refers to a guitar pick.

Grunge also gave rise to its own cult figures, with Kurt Cobain certainly the most legendary. He was the embodiment of grunge with his lumberjack shirts and torn jeans. Shortly before his death, photographer Jesse Frohman was commissioned by the Sunday Observer to photograph Nirvana. Kurt turned up on set in a pair of white sunglasses. It became one of the most iconic images of him. This image was the inspiration for Shadow 4, not surprisingly, a cat-eye model.


The color palette was intentionally kept subdued. The dark colors emphasize the shape, and that was the underlying idea. Four of the glasses are made entirely of acetate, while 2 models combine acetate with metal. And just like it takes a light source to cast a shadow, the sun is the key to bringing out the ultimate beauty of these frames. They come into their own under the play of light in the transparent and matte acetate.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 9.24.23 AM


There are 75 sets of 6 models available. Each set comes in a stylish black presentation box. The lucky owner receives the glasses in a sleeve – which protects them and can also be used as a cleaning cloth – wrapped in a golden case. Each pair is also accompanied by a vintage-style pendant, made from the same acetate as the frames, in the shape of a guitar pick.


For THEO, quality is the highest priority and that’s not just a slogan. For this collection as well, THEO has kept eye protection in mind, once again working together with ZEISS. The rock hard coating and the 5- layer anti-reflective treatment make these ZEISS lenses strong as steel and scratch resistant, at the same time as providing optimal eye protection. The Z-symbol on the glass guarantees the authenticity of the product and the renowned ZEISS quality. Model Shadow 2 comes with polarized lenses.

THEO can be viewed at LOFT NYC March 27-30

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Hex Speckle Front


Founded in 1926 and a family-run business for over 80 years, OLIVER GOLDSMITH has become the primary source for contemporary sunglasses.  OG revolutionized the eyewear industry not only by creating frames that protected your eyes, but also created a fashion statement.  Dress designers, royalty and celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Michael Caine approached the brand to make eyewear for them and history was set in stone.  Today, the company is still synonymous with stars and style – with beautiful handmade replicas of the original designs available to buy.  From the Manhattan (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) to Peter Seller’s favourite, theVice Consul, there is a style for everyone.

BEGBIE-Black on Liquorice-Front

Lomax Matte Black on Jade Front



The CLAIRE GOLDSMITH: LEGACY collection pays homage to the spirit of vintage styling combining old school manufacturing techniques with a distinctive contemporary aesthetic. No logos allow the design and the wearer’s individual style to speak for itself.  Perfect balance, highest grade lenses, finest raw materials, all made by craftsmen who are eyewear specialists ensure that these are the finest glasses money can buy. We think of them as Modern Classics. Uniquely sculptured temples, extremely comfortable and noticeable for the right reasons. CG: LEGACY is everything you would expect from a Goldsmith product.

LORD-Lemon Squash-Front


OG MINI ICONS is a collection of OG sunglasses for children aged between 5 and 12.  Exact replicas of some of OG’s most iconic styles such as the Carl and Sophia but sized down for the style savvy adolescent, this has to be the coolest collection of children’s sunglasses out there.  A parent has an obvious duty to protect their children’s eye’s, but there is no need to compromise on style, fit or protection – and these iconic styles are neither too gimmicky or grown-up for a child – they are classics that suit every age, the essence of a great shape.

OG MINI are one of the only children’s collections made with ZEISS new KIDZ range of sun lenses, specifically created for young developing eyes.

Meet Claire Goldsmith and the team at LOFT NYC March 27-30

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ANNE ET VALENTIN - Some women wake up with a smile and, lo and behold, share it effortlessly. This model was made for them….
ANNE ET VALENTIN - Some women wake up with a smile and, lo and behold, share it effortlessly. This model was made for them….
ANNE ET VALENTIN - Some women wake up with a smile and, lo and behold, share it effortlessly. This model was made for them….

ANNE ET VALENTIN - Some women wake up with a smile and, lo and behold, share it effortlessly. This model was made for them….

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THEO: Broken & Repaired


The THEO eye-witness collection has always been a bit of an outsider. From the beginning, about 20 years ago now, the eye-witness frames were not like the others. For one thing, the frames are asymmetrical, just like a face. Our latest eye-witness models have gone ‘grunge’ looking as if they’re made from recycled trash. But appearances can be deceiving! Assembling the titanium pieces is quite a technical feat.


The 5 new eye-witness models look as if they’ve been broken and repaired, an impression enhanced by the use of 2 often contrasting colors in each set of frames, in both the front and the temples. A second layer of titanium has been stuck on top of the first, so to speak.

The laser-cut titanium pieces are welded together through a different laser pro-cess. Truly painstaking work. This gives the glasses the look of having undergone a ‘make-shift’ repair.

In reality, it’s precision craftsmanship!

THEO will be at LOFT NYC March 27-30



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ØRGREEN: Sun Collection

Sunglasses Ørgreen Optics

ØRGREEN brings contrast and character to this season’s newest collection of upscale eyewear.

Watch for eye-catching styles inspired by espionage, undercover agents, exotic dancers, rebels, singers and bon vivants.

Where the past is present and revamped into a new, cool design lingo.

All the frames in this collection are made of Titanium, a precious metal in a superb quality designed to last.

Colors are exquisitely composed in an array of opposites, from strong to fragile, intense to tranquil, raw to refined, sweet to serious and audacious to understated.

It’s your invitation to explore the contradictions in your own character – playing with the person vs. the persona.


1. FLORENCE 466 – Click HERE


2. REBEL 442 – Click HERE


3. TALLULAH 426 – Click HERE


4. NORTH 451 – Click HERE


5. CAPOTE 473 – Click HERE


6. EASY RIDER 352 – Click HERE


7. JONES 392 – Click HERE

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Designer Files: ROLF Spectacles


This edition of Designer Files is a little different as we are talking with a team rather than one person.

The founding team at ROLF Spectacles are from Lechaschau, a small town in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria. Roland Wolf was already working in the optical industry for many years prior to the foundation of ROLF Spectacles and Marija “Mary” Iljazovic, upon meeting him, also became involved building her experience over the years. Adding different types of expertise to the endeavor, both of their brothers joined them to begin the company and share their passion.

Hey guys, what are you working on today?

We are currently working on further developing our latest collection, the ROLF advanced | horn collection, which complements the existing wood and stone collections. At ROLF, we are constantly working on research and development and never stop to be innovative and to create new things. On another note, we are focusing on expanding our business, opening new shops, investing in new markets and creating more brand awareness. For 2014, our main focus is on the US market with the improvement of service quality and the implementation of a strong, dedicated sales team for the market. With all that in mind, we are striving to further extend our market leader role.

How did you begin working with wood as basis for your collection?

Wood has always been a major part of our lives having grown up in the Tyrolean mountains. Our home and upbringing has had a great impact on our work and attitude in life. We love to work with wood, as it is a natural, living material with lots of character and the uniqueness we are looking for in our designs.


How long did it take to transition from the “idea” to the “reality” of the collection?

In 2007, we started out carving eyewear frames in our basement with the simplest tools. The first prototype was ready after only a month, but results were not satisfactory. We needed to learn lots of things. CNC machining, press processes and creating new machinery to name just a few. In 2009, we showcased additional prototypes and for the first time we were able to gauge responses to our product. People were thrilled, but the desired quality was lacking due to imprecise processes. Without support from the banks, our project seemed to head for failure despite the positive feedback. Thanks to our families, we were able to continue and invest in new machinery and optimized production processes. Finally, after just a few more months, we could submit the first perfect set of ROLF glasses for the Silmo d‘Or at the SILMO Paris in August 2009. Being nominated was incredible for us – winning was just beyond comprehension!

What is it about the collection that makes it so unique?

The ROLF collection offers finest natural eyewear handcrafted in Tirol, Austria and that is the company’s philosophy in a nutshell. Our frames are made out of wood, stone and horn with loving attention to detail and bold use of innovative techniques. This makes each frame a unique one-of-a-kind piece of eyewear, a delight to wear. The frames are made from natural materials, with no metal, no screws or allergens, are extremely light, antistatic and maintenance free for better durability, comfort and quality. The wooden hinge and the patented ROLF glazing system are further unique features, which make it possible to create thin and elegant frames as well as expressive designs.


You are working with materials other than wood now?

At ROLF, we produce frames using natural materials, not just wood. We are not setting any boundaries to our production and design process and are strongly investing in research and development to create unheard-of eyewear. With our underlying know-how, experience and expertise in the production of frames, we could literally produce frames of any kind.

You have some very unique marketing. I particularly love the video with Bernie getting the old BMW sideways…

We are truly individual characters with a unique and authentic style, which also reflects in our marketing. We follow our passion and remain true to our roots, which differentiates us from others and is also one of our core strengths. One of our friends, who is a photographer and film producer, helps us with the shootings and the films, but there is certainly no script involved. The passion for old cars plays a major part in the design process, so it’s not unusual for old cars to be featured in our marketing activities.

What is happening with your brand for the rest of 2014?

In 2014, we are celebrating 5 years of ROLF Spectacles, since winning the Silmo d’Or in 2009. For a start, we are introducing our new advanced | horn collection. Further, we are extending our main collections with new wood combinations and designs being presented at the shows in Europe and the US. Finally, we are contemplating with the idea to restore an old Steyr truck – ROLF is about more than just frames, with the passion for old cars and craftsmanship. With ROLF, you never know what is round the corner.

What is it about being independent that makes a difference for you?

We have never had big investors, which may have been quite useful in the start-up, but on the other hand being independent allows us to be free and remain authentic. We like to follow our visions with attention to detail, passion and ambition combined with time and love in order to create something very personal and individual, from the frame to the case. We live our passion in every way, in everything we create.

Please visit ROLF SPECTACLES at LOFT NYC March 27-30





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BEVEL - We didn’t create cool, we just know how to live it…..

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